Christian athlete nicknames

Note professors of Christ in sports. They are representing Christ on a high visible level. It is fair to look at what people do publicly. We're not savages like TMZ, digging through people's trash and hiding in bushes. No, we are looking at open works that these people are proud of.

LeBron "King James"

Dwight Howard "Superman"

Steph Curry: "Three-zus"

Who is "the Man" that Curry is talking about in this quote? What man died for his sins? Does he mean Jesus Christ? How would we know? You might think we are being too discerning, and that people know what he's saying, but this stuff is important. There is power in the name of Jesus. If you cannot say "Jesus", but only "the One" and "God, God, God", then something is wrong. BELOW: Steph Curry kisses a trophy; that is, an idol, hinting at his true devotion.


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