Atheist mock God

That's puzzling to me. Why are you mocking a God you say you don't believe in?

One self-professed atheist said, "I swear on this by the non existent god"... then why are you calling on God? If He's not there, if He doesn't exist, why do you need to keep going back to the subject of Him?

He's on your mind. You can't stop thinking about Him. Why can't you stop thinking about God? Because you know He's real and you're angry at Him for whatever reason.

Why are you attacking this "invisible man in the sky" if he's of none effect?

Why are you coming after what I and other Christians believe? But then you say that Christians are bullying you. The true Christian is not a bully. The real Christian is following a line of believers who were convicted by the Lord to preach the word and be instant in season and out, so as to plant or water a seed in unbelievers, so as to help the Holy Spirit in some small way to keep lost people out of hellfire, out of total and eternal separation from God. That line of true believers, go and study history, are people who did not believe in making people worship the true and living God. The people who did and will do that kind of thing are called Catholics. Read your history. 


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