Are gays happy?

Short answer, "no."

Origin of the word "gay" is happy. That word has been purposely perverted, I believe under the influence of the devil, and co-opted by sodomites. So, now you cannot say "gay" without a mental link to unclean behavior and lifestyles. A formerly clean and good word is forever soiled.

Let's look at the history of the word.

Early 20th century. 1900's.

This is presented by President Barack Obama as not just a viable alternative but preferable to biblical man-woman roles.

Obama and his wife Michelle are seen as these classy, hopeful symbols to a lot of deceived people. What he has done to push the so-called gay agenda is anything but classy. It is deadly. You cannot say these things without people stopping their ears, not necessarily with their hands. They defend people like Obama who aggressively push men with men and women with women and people who don't know what they are, because they don't believe the King James Bible. They have no fear of God. 

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. I mean, it is only the beginning! 

In other words, if you don't fear God, and that is a reverential respect multiplied by literal "He can end me in an instant" type fear, you really don't have true wisdom. 

They believe in evolution. Which basically says we are just animals. We are creatures but we are more than animals.

But the world's own research shows that the sin is deadly, even down to how it affects the emotions.

Do you know a lot of content sodomites? Do the homosexuals at your job and in your family and such display a lot of happiness? 

Or are they looking for offense? Are they out to stamp out anyone who rejects their sin? 

Bottom line: They're not really gay in the true sense. They are not happy. But they want to say that the bible-believing Christian is unhappy. Yes, we are unhappy at sin and what it does. But the true follower of Christ is content. He and she know that Jesus is the only happy ending to any story. In knowing that, conditional happiness gives way to contentment.

they say that Christians are not happy because they believe that God's commandments, and God's wisdom and order and boundaries, equals unhappiness. They got outside of all of that, into their own wisdom and pushed their own boundaries, away from the Lord. They found out that being out there following your heart doesn't lead to freedom. That is the devil's lie. It is the original lie! 

This stuff is very basic, folks. The devil says, "Don't let God hem you in. Do you." 

There is a difference between "Be yourself" and "do you." People can't seem to tell the difference. God is okay with individualism within His wisdom. 

Jesus was with Peter, who by scriptural accounts seemed to blurt things without considering much. He spoke his mind, Peter did, sometimes to his detriment. Remember that he denied Christ after swearing that he would never desert. 

But Peter's boldness also meant he is recorded as the one who told Jesus, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God," in Matthew 16:16.

God is not looking for nor trying to create clones.

However, God is not looking for those of us who expect His eternal grace and favor while shaking our fists in His face. 

He is not looking with perfect love upon those of us who say we're happy in our willful, deliberate, conscious sin. 

Repent and believe.


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