What is an "ankh"?

Whenever you see the "ankh" symbol, you know you're in the presence of an ill symbol. 

Understand that I am speaking from the perspective of a bible-believing Christian... a follower of Christ who believes that there is a literal book containing God's own words which we have access to all the way to this very moment. 

As a Christian, I want to know and to do what is pleasing to the Lord of that King James Bible. 

One of the things that I can do to please God is to avoid taking part in and promoting things that God does not like. 

The ankh symbol is something God does not like. So I want to avoid that symbol, I want to avoid wearing and accepting that symbol. Doesn't mean I'm going to rail on someone I see in public who has it on, or tear the necklace off their body, nor anything liek that. But I'm going to keep it off my body. I'm going to warn against the ankh when it comes to people that I care about, which is everybody. Who is my neighbor? the man asked Jesus Christ. 


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