Alcohol is a drug, too

Xzibit "DNA"

Why do people separate "drugs and alcohol"?

Mostly the answer is money.

The booze is sanctioned by the state, the government the powers that be. This stuff is obvious but it seems that obvious stuff needs to be said directly. 

So, we've been conditioned for decades to say "drugs AND alcohol" when alcohol is a drug, too. 

"Well, it's legal, so..." That is at the whims of people who many times do not have the people's interests and well being in mind

Weed was illegal and it is now becoming legal. Does the law of men change what something is? In many people's minds, it does. But this is a perverted, twisted logic. This is why things like sodomy, or homosexuality, is seen as okay by people with no sense, or who are too young to remember anything else but sodomites kissing in public and getting married with pride.



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